King’s Experience

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You’re vacationing in Vegas, so you probably already feel like the king of the world. You may as well feel like the king of the road too and put the petal to the metal in a 600 horsepower NASCAR race car on a real race track.

Feel the power and increase your speed during two adrenaline-pumping sessions at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Between sessions, you’ll receive individual feedback from the pit road instructor and additional coaching from a driving instructor.

Your experience starts with an orientation and a short video featuring Richard Petty. Next you’ll undergo driving instruction as well as mechanical and safety instruction covering entry and exit, shifting pattern, safety devices and more. Before you hop into the car, you’ll have a chance to go over final details and ask any last minute questions. You’ll also be able to immortalize your King for the Day moment by having your photo snapped next to a NASCAR race car.

The next hour will be spent behind the wheel during eight thrilling laps over two sessions. In between the sessions you’ll receive feedback from the instructors to ensure your next session shows improvement in driving skill and takes you closer to meeting the top goal speed.

Afterwards, you’ll receive a detailed lap-time sheet and a graduation certificate with your name, date and estimated top goal speed reached — proof for your friends back home that you’re the king of the road!