Read This Before Reserving Bottle Service in Las Vegas, NV

Reserving your own table and doing bottle service at a Las Vegas night club or pool party is the best experience possible. If this is your first time reserving a table, these are the things you absolutely should know before contacting any reservations host.

What is bottle service exactly?

Think of bottle service as a VIP upgrade where you are given a seated table for you and your group of friends as opposed to standing in the middle of a crowded night club or pool party.

Your table will be assigned a waitress who will take your order and take care of your group.

What’s the cost of bottle service?

The price of bottle service fluctuates based on four main factors: venue, special event, the day of the week, and table location.

Venue factor

Similar to 5-star ratings for hotels, you have different “levels” for night clubs and pool parties.

The top rated night clubs and pool parties will offer bottle service at a premium price and will generally not offer any deals.

The top venues right now are OMNIA, Hakkasan, Wet Republic, KAOS, XS, Encore Beach Club.

Just below the top rated venues are premium night clubs and pool parties such as Marquee, TAO, JEWEL, and Drai’s. These venues are a great mid-range option, you’ll get a better “bang-for-your-buck”.

Other locations not listed previously will fall under the more budget-friendly category. You can find sometimes find deals at these places!

Special events factor

The price of bottle service fluctuates based on the event, just like concerts. A top performer like Drake, Calvin Harris or Cardi B.

Day of the week (and time of the year)

The average bottle in night clubs and pool parties are priced around $600 USD in Las Vegas. If you add sales tax and gratuity, each bottle will cost roughly $1000 USD all included.

You should expect to spend about $2000 USD for a decent table at the top night clubs and pool parties.

Table Location

The tables closest to the DJ booth are generally the most expensive. Special events, holidays, celebrities and guest DJs will increase the bottle prices and minimums.

Ok, but how much is it exactly?

Minimum spend

To book a table, your group will have to agree to the night club or pool party’s minimum spend. The average table will be between $1500 to $2000 USD for the minimum spend.

The minimum spend is the minimum dollar amount required to reserve the table. You can reach this minimum by purchasing alcohol bottles, drinks, or food, if available.

Total Cost

“Total Cost” is the final cost of booking bottle service including the minimum spend and extra charges (taxes, fees, tips, and gratuities).

The average minimum spend at a premium night club or pool party is $1500 to $2000 USD. After the extra charges, you should expect a total cost of about $2000 to $3000 USD.

Is it worth it?

The only real reason to skip on bottle service is the premium price tag.

If you’re comfortable with the pricing of bottle service, it is 100% worth it – every time.

Las Vegas night clubs and pool parties get extremely packed, especially during weekends and special events. It’s not pleasant to be in a crowded night club and even less pleasant to be in a crowded pool.

Ok ok, I’m ready to book! Alright, you’ve made it this far! Still interested in booking bottle service?

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