Special Event Tickets for Sale in Las Vegas, NV

Special Event Tickets for Sale in Las Vegas, NV

During special events and holidays, Las Vegas gets extremely busy! The famous Strip will be crowded but most tourists agree that it is the best time to visit Las Vegas.

When is it busy in Las Vegas?

The city is busiest during the summer months between May and early September with the exception of Halloween (October) and New Year’s Eve (December).

During the summer months, every weekend can get crowded due to conventions and other smaller special events.

The busiest holiday weekends in Las Vegas are Memorial Day Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, and New Year's Eve. The busiest special events include CES, EDC, and major boxing and UFC events.

So, is it a good idea to come during special events?

Although it is crowded and chaotic during these dates, it is also the best time where the biggest parties are being hosted at night clubs and pool parties. If you’re interested in experiencing the nightlife, you definitely should come during special events.

Every night club and pool party in town will invite their best DJs and artists to perform during the busy weekends.

How to do get in a night club or pool party?

Purchasing tickets online is the best option to get in any Las Vegas night club or pool party. It’s the most hassle-free option and you don’t need to rely on any promoters or guest list.

Tickets for these events usually sell out *fast*. It is recommended to purchase the tickets online and in advance as soon as possible. The venues tend to increase the ticket prices for last-minute buyers.

We encourage you to only purchase tickets from legitimate sources. Our list of Special Event Tickets for Sale in Las Vegas, NV are only from official box offices.

List of Special Events in Las Vegas