New Year’s Eve Weekend (NYE) 2022

DATES: Dec 30 2021 to Jan 3 2022

New Year’s Eve Weekend (NYE) 2022

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Planning to come to Las Vegas for New Year's Eve? NYE in Las Vegas is the biggest and craziest party place to be!

New Year's Eve is one of the busiest holidays and one of the most popular NYE destinations in the nation. It's NYE! It's the perfect opportunity for you to ring in the new year in "Las Vegas style".

New Year's Eve and New Years Day are packed with celebrity-hosted, top DJs, and performing artists events at the hottest nightclubs.

For a list of NYE (December 31) only events, go here.

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Read This Before Going to Las Vegas During New Years

Planning a trip to Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve? Here are a few tips to help you navigate the entertainment capital during its busiest, most exciting period of the year.

The luminescent beauty of the Bellagio hotel
The luminescent beauty of the Bellagio hotel


First, plan your evening ahead of time. The Strip itself becomes closed off to vehicular traffic at 6:00 PM on New Year’s Eve, so make sure to get there as early as possible. After 6:00 PM, actual transportation is limited to the Las Vegas Monorail, which as you might have guessed, will be teeming with like-minded people looking to commute to various areas in and around The Strip, like you.

That leaves walking as the most viable option for most, but even walking through the crowds of party-minded people is going to be a challenge.

Las Vegas New Years Eve Confetti
Your extended family for the evening


Second, for those planning on staying outside during the peak celebratory hours, several factors are worth stressing. Make sure to wear something warm at night, especially if you plan on remaining on The Strip: the desert-climate means that it’s often hot during the day but unexpectedly chilly at night.

Drinking in public is welcome and encouraged on The Strip, just make sure that you’re using plastic bottles or drink mugs to do so; glass and cans are not permitted. Finally, the best view of the fireworks is outside, on The Strip.


Third, make sure to book your trip as early as possible—as in right now, at this very moment. Staying in Vegas can be pricey; staying in Vegas during and around New Years will most certainly be the case. Booking early is important because it allows you to save on hotel and flight rates, and enables you to actually get tickets to popular shows or celebrity gigs, each of which fills up rather quickly in the months leading up to New Years.

And because saving money through proper, meticulous planning and telling people that you saved money makes you look and sound smart. And smart people are happy people, especially when you can covert some of your saved expenses into other forms of on-Strip entertainment.

Las Vegas Strip
The Las Vegas Strip


Fourth, make the extra effort to plan which hotel you wish to stay at (either to party at, to sleep at or both) with the utmost care. If you plan on celebrating indoors, remember that hotels stop letting guests in at 11:00 PM. Those left outside after this curfew will be unable to access any hotels until 12:30 AM, when the doors reopen.

Trust me, the last thing you want is to be stuck outside for an hour and half and not have anywhere to go to the washroom.

Party at Hakkasan Nighclub in Las Vegas
"Las Vegas looks the way you'd imagine heaven must look at night"

In short, if you’re going to Vegas to be swept away by crowds of like-minded party enthusiasts, by live bands and pure, unadulterated euphoric energy, make sure to book early and plan ahead.

Being able to chart out where you’ll be heading ahead of time, and knowing how to get from your hotel to your party milieu means being mindful of the various curfews in place, the crowds that will increase travel time, and the means available to you to commute around.

You work hard enough for the rest of the year. Avoid any foreseeable and easily remedied headaches by following these straightforward tips.