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The eight incredible women of Fantasy don’t need elaborate sets or special effects to make jaws drop and pulses race.

Dressed (and undressed) as cowgirls, rockers or Latin dancers, the performers sizzle and scintillate in dance numbers and stripteases. Whether you long to watch a girls-only ménage à trois or a slow or steamy strip from evening gown to nothing but skin, Fantasy will make your dreams come true.

With her sultry voice and sex appeal, Jaime Lynch leads the show.

“Joining the cast of ‘Fantasy’ is a dream come true,” Lynch said.

The show provides more than just eye candy. Sonya spins and stretches on aerial silks and comedian Sean E. Cooper keeps things light between acts.

The audience is always diverse, and the show is designed to please everyone — men and women.

Fantasy welcomes new women every six months, so the show is always evolving — and there is always something new to tantalize you. If you’ve never seen the women who rock the Luxor, you’re in for a treat. If you already know how sweet it is to watch this sexy show, maybe it’s time to go back for more and let the girls unfold a new fantasy just for you.