Located just steps inside the Rio’s front entrance next to the registration desk, iBar is a lively gathering place. With views of the action occurring on the gaming floor, it’s something of a casino bar-meets-ultra lounge that draws a stylish cross section of visitors.

A watering hole in the round, iBar boasts swanky and sensual d├ęcor aesthetics. You’ll likely be lured in by the giant fiber optic, color-changing sculpture that stretches toward the ceiling. Centrally positioned, the bar is encircled by an elegant countertop with inlaid stones and short white pod-style chairs. The flooring consists of dark wood. Sofa-style seating wraps around the outer perimeter, while a mix of interesting chairs and tables fashioned from unique materials — like split logs — dot the interior space.

On two sides of iBar, there are raised circular platforms to showcase the cocktail waitresses who perform choreographed numbers at regular intervals throughout the evening. These sexy ladies are dressed so scantily that some guests will swear their uniforms are see-through (but they aren’t!).

There’s also a setup at the front of iBar for the VJs who spin tunes on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays starting at 9 p.m. The videos, which span a wide array of music genres, play on the 18 screens that surround the bar. When the VJs aren’t on hand, football games and other sporting events are shown instead.

As if all of that’s not enough, flair bartenders add to the vibe. They’ll throw together your favorite drink or one of several seductive specialty cocktails. Naughty Intentions is the most ordered concoction at iBar — usually by women who come in to imbibe before going to see the Chippendales male dance troupe. It’s made with Skyy Infusions Raspberry vodka, peach schnapps, sour mix, fresh raspberries and a splash of Sierra Mist. Another popular choice is a drink called Darkness, blended together from Effen Black Cherry vodka, lime juice, fresh blackberries and Sierra Mist. You’ll also find a selection of wines, Champagnes and beers (everything from Coors Light to Blue Moon and Sierra Nevada) on the menu.

If you’re in search of a hip place to drink, listen to high-energy music and check out stunning women, iBar is the answer to your nightlife prayers.