6 Reasons Why Clubbing is Awesome in Las Vegas

6 Reasons Why Clubbing is Awesome in Las Vegas

Best EDM DJs and residencies

Hardwell face on a taxi
Yes, that’s Hardwell’s face on a Las Vegas taxi

EDM DJs have taken over Las Vegas and the number of DJ residents is incomparable. You’ll see the faces of resident DJs all over the city: in billboards, taxis, hotel keys, blackjack tables… You can’t miss it. If you’re a fan of EDM, this city is perfect for you.

Top clubs and pool parties

Vegas Pool Party at Palms Pool
Don’t forget about the pool parties…

Las Vegas is consistently ranked at the top of nightclubs in the United States. In the 2014 Nightclub & Bar’s Top 100, 7 out of the top clubs are located in Las Vegas. The party doesn’t stop at night in Vegas; you have crazy pool parties like Encore Beach Club during summer and daytime parties like GBDC during winter.

Easy walk/taxi back to hotel room

Elevator in Aria Vegas
Only one elevator away from your hotel room

The nightclubs are located inside casinos and you will have no problem walking up to your hotel room after a crazy night out. Who needs a designated driver? If the nightclub is located at another hotel, there’s a lineup of cabs waiting for you outside any hotel.

Lineups are inside the hotels

Woman walking in snow
Can you imagine waiting in line during winter?

When temperatures dip below freezing levels or above 110 degrees, the last thing you want to do is wait outside in a line to get into a nightclub. This doesn’t happen in Las Vegas! All the lineups are inside a casino property that will keep you warm (or cool in summer).

The city is still wide awake after the clubs are closed

24/7 Upscale Restaurant? Yes please!
24/7 Upscale Restaurant? Yes please!

Want to grab a bite that is not McDonald’s after clubbing? No problem. Check out Earl of Sandwich, Fat Burger or Grand Lux Cafe at the Venetian.

Want to go to a strip club after 5am? We got that too. Don’t worry, we’re not judging… There are thousands of Las Vegas tourists that just want to go to a strip clubs around after a great night out. Most strip clubs are open 24/7 and you will have no trouble finding one.

Want to get married with a total stranger you just met? Go visit the Little White Chapel – open 24/7 for your wedding needs.

You can also gamble, get drinks from the casino bar or just walk on the Las Vegas Strip.

Easy to hit on people you will never see again

6 Reasons Why Clubbing is Awesome in Las Vegas

Most of the people at the nightclubs are tourists and people you will never ever see again. There’s no reason to be shy and not approach that attractive girl or guy over there because “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”… Just don’t be a creep.

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