The Truth about VIP in Las Vegas

The Truth about VIP in Las Vegas

If there’s one thing that is overused in Las Vegas, it is term “VIP” which is short for Very Important Person. There are people on the Strip selling VIP passes and social networks are flooded with “VIP hosts”. Here’s a couple of tips about VIP you should know about.

VIP Guests
VIP is probably not what you think it is

VIP has a lot of meanings

VIP can mean free admission, free line pass, free drinks, free bottles, free table or all of the above. Since most Vegas nightclubs are located inside a hotel, it can also come with free hotel rooms, free room upgrades and much more. If someone is offering you VIP, make sure that person explains what does it include and if you will need to tip someone. This will avoid any ambiguity and problems in the future. You should apply this rule to everything in Las Vegas and not only for nightclubs and pool parties.

VIP is not given out to everyone

If you don’t know anyone that works within the nightlife industry, your chances of getting any VIP service are slim. This is especially true if you’re a guy or a group comprised of mostly guys. The doorman will always try to maintain a good ratio: the number of guys relative to the number of girls inside the club. There are always exceptions but you’re most likely better off just buying a ticket or getting bottle service.

VIP passes are usually scams

Scams in Las Vegas
Avoid the VIP Pass scams in Las Vegas

It’s surprising how many people purchase VIP passes to nightclubs from random promoters on the Strip. Would you buy a cellphone from a sketchy person you’ve just met on the street? You should be weary of these VIP passes that are either given out or sold to you as a “deal”. In many cases, those VIP passes will not be honoured and you will be forced to wait in line and pay like everyone else… or you might not even get in at all! This scenario happened so many times that they even made a short documentary on it. Avoid these VIP passes at all costs.

Clubs will occasionally sell VIP tickets

Some clubs will offer presale VIP tickets for sale which usually gives you general admission and the ability to skip the line. Since these tickets are purchased directly from the club, you will avoid the problems with VIP passes from Strip promoters. As mentioned earlier, you should always check what does the VIP ticket include before spending any money. Read the event and ticket description carefully.

Bottle service is the best way to get VIP

Vegas Bottle Service
Bottle service is a guaranteed entry to any Vegas hot spot

If you are still looking for VIP treatment, you should go for bottle service instead. As long as you follow the general rules of the club like dress code and minimum age, you’ll be treated like a rock star with your own personal waitress and a place to sit.

The minimum amount to reserve a table greatly varies by venue and night, it is best to ask for a price quote to get an accurate answer.

If bottle service is beyond your budget, check out our tickets section to purchase general admission to any Las Vegas event.

For more details about tickets, general admission, guest list and bottle service, click here.

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