6 Reasons Why Las Vegas is Better than Ibiza for Americans

6 Reasons Why Las Vegas is Better than Ibiza for Americans

“Can Las Vegas become the new Ibiza?” No, it is two completely different cities that appeal to a different crowd. Ibiza, a small Spanish island, has been the party capital of the World for many years but Las Vegas quickly became a great alternative for Americans.

Vegas is the EDM king

EDC 2014
Once a year, Vegas becomes a EDM paradise because of EDC

If you’re into mainstream EDM, Las Vegas is a much better option than Ibiza. The top mainstream DJs such as Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Afrojack and Skrillex are all residents in their respective Las Vegas nightclubs. Unlike Ibiza, Vegas is open all year round with a dozen of famed DJs every weekend.

Las Vegas also brings legendary DJs such as Armin van Buuren, Deep Dish, Pete Tong and Carl Cox. Las Vegas is also home to Insomniac’s famed festival Electric Daisy Carnival.

Travel is more affordable within the United States

Private jets are expensive
Not everyone can afford expensive flights…

Flying to Vegas can be as cheap as $150 if you’re flying in from Los Angeles. Want to fly to Ibiza from LA? Your round trip will cost you at least $1500. Let’s face it, going to Vegas is so much more affordable than Ibiza.

No passport issues

Passport USA
Leave your passport at home!

Too lazy to renew your passport? You don’t need one. Get on a plane to fly to Vegas… like now.

No cell phone roaming fees and charges

Your cell phone roaming fees
Roaming fees are expensive, avoid them like the plague

Since you’ll be using your phone for some late night booty call or sexting, those roaming fees will start adding up if you’re outside the United States…

Paris Hilton is a resident DJ in Ibiza

Paris Hilton Amnesia Ibiza
The notorious celebrity is now a resident DJ in Ibiza

Paris Hilton is a resident DJ at Amnesia Ibiza… Would you pay to go see her DJ? Thought so.

Because MURICA!

Because America
It’s the American way

We are simply better than other countries.

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