Dress Code for Nighttime Pool Parties in Las Vegas

Dress Code for Nighttime Pool Parties in Las Vegas

During summer, Las Vegas offers pool parties during the day and night. Nighttime pool parties such as Nightswim at XS, Eclipse at Daylight or Encore Beach Club at Night have their own specific dress code that is different from regular nightclubs.

You should dress like you’re going to a daytime pool party although you will see some people come in regular nightclub attire. If you want to jump in the pool and you’re not wearing swimwear: security will most likely give you a very hard time.


– Swimwear
– Flip flops
– Board shorts
– Tank top

Not recommended:

– Baggy jeans
– Baseball caps
– Jerseys
– Cargo pants
– Torn clothing
– Suits
– Jackets

How not to dress for nighttime pool parties in Vegas
Is he wearing a jacket?

Some of the clubs won’t strictly enforce the not recommended list but it’s better to avoid them. If you’re not sure which pool party to attend,¬†we outlined the best nighttime pool parties here.

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